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Of course we could tell you the usual story that we have made wine here for thousands of years. What’s more, it’s not entirely untrue; everyone knows that the Romans build one of their great villae in the area.
What’s more original however is how Michel Escande became wine growers. We call that a late vocation…Nothing seemed to indicate that destiny would take them there unless it was the call of the earth. In 1989 Michel Escande dropped his other passion, sailing, to come inland with his wife. They borrowed the money to buy 5 hectares of vines, a wine cellar and a superb but tired house ; then they decide to deal with the family’s vines. With the tenacity of a sailor and the faith of a peasant farmer, Michel learned about his land, he listened  until he understood that he was in possession of a real treasure. This showed from the first cuvees of Sylla which the international press picked up at the beginning of the 90s. After this they re-named him “the wizard of Felines”